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Dry Stone Columns Made of Natural Stone




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Columns in dry stone, Leccese stone, carparo, tuff.

The columns in dry stone, Leccese stone, carparo and tuff can be made to measure. Respecting the needs and characteristics required. Made of natural stone, the columns can be positioned both indoors and outdoors. In other words, the stone tolerates the most extreme climatic conditions very well.

Our productions, therefore also those of dry stone columns, are fully customizable. The dry stone columns are made from a single block of stone, excavated and worked to perfect workmanship.

The Leccese stone with which the dry stone columns are made is a milky white stone that tends to straw yellow. The dry stone columns also have a warm shade of color.

Dry stone columns: like lace for homes.

The columns give a touch of elegance to the entire home, emphasizing the rhythms and points of greatest interest. It livens up balconies, accompanies stairways, looks out over more or less important gates and doors. The succession of columns, as well as their width or slenderness, dictates the tone of the housing structure, acting as an accompanying beat to the eye during the visit. Even the stone chosen to make the balustrade contributes in a fundamental way to the style of the space in which it is inserted. A carparo or tuff of reddish tones and with a more porous appearance will fit better in a more rustic context, while, on the contrary, in a more refined environment you will find a perfectly polished light dry stone column with slender and medium columns height.

The realization of the balustrade also passes through the choice of ancient creations such as time. That tastes good and natural. How rock balustrades can guarantee. After all, Puglia is the territory of stone, full, as it is, of dry stone walls and buildings with one or two rooms made entirely of stone. In such a context, the balconies can only be furnished with beautiful stone balustrades.


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