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Il  pozzo dei  desideri


   To big request for our fond customers have realized the the mounted pre wish well.


   This system directly allows to have a sink of embellishment in just the garden without having to call some master for the assembly and therefore without to support ulterior expenses.


   It can be posizionato ovunque is in garden that in terrazzo, in the courtyard, ovunque is a small space of two meters squared to embellish.


   Moreover the system that has been adopted for the realization allows to anytime move it without having to resort to drastic participations but with a simple one traspallet inserting it under the footrest in reinforced concrete the movement it turns out simplest.


   The well of desires can be acquired from anyone independently has a villa or less, if a large garden is had less or, enough to have a fantasy P2o and the game is made. Why to acquire it hour? Because with sun Euro 599, oo you will have the sink to house directly yours without having to pay shipment expenses.


It is useful of it endured this offer will expire to short.


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il pozzo dei desideri

The well in its complex has one width of cm 185 one depths of cm 145 and one height of cm 150.

The measures of the sink in supply as from photo up 120 are width of cm one depth of cm 80 and a height of cm 95. For which it is of easy transport and positioning. Inside they are places the two scalini in stone white woman to you and over the two columns with the trap door.

This is realized on a platform in concrete for being able to concur one anytime simple and fast movement.

The fundamental characteristics of the sink are that it has been realized with sun old stones giving the feeling of having an ancient piece in just the garden.

The cost of the well is of Euro 950, oo.

It acquires hour the Sink of Desires paying it single Euro 799, oo.

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The water well of desires pools from garden water well for garden





For who it wishes a water game has been realized an adjacent bathtub to the sink where to be able to place water, water fish and game.

The adjacent bathtub in our dialectal “PILUNE” is long cm 140 and wide cm 120 with a height of cm 58. Viene fornita in pezzi tagliati e catalogati per un semplice montaggio.

The cost of the sink with enclosed bathtub and accessories the pump for the water game is of

Euro 1,700, oo.

It acquires deiDesideri hour the Sink with bathtub paying it single

 Euro 999,oo.

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